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International Council

Founder and Executive Director of Circular Change, is an internationally renowned expert on the circular economy, speaker, (co)author of several CE reports and articles, and co-creator of international circular economy events. Ladeja was the finalist for the Circular Leadership Award 2018 (Davos WEF) and named in “The #EUwomen4future campaign” featuring extraordinary women active in research, innovation, education, culture and sport by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth in 2020. She is recognised as the regional “engine of circular economy transition”. She is co-author of the first Roadmap towards the Circular Economy and creator and team leader of the annual international Circular Change Conference. Ladeja has consulted on the national circular economy roadmapping process based on stakeholder engagement for several countries and cities (Serbia, Montenegro, Norway, Israel, Chile, etc.).

Founder-director of the Product-Life Institute (Geneva, 1983), the oldest consultancy in Europe devoted to developing sustainable strategies and policies. MA in architecture from ETH Zurich (1971). Visiting Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey; full member of the Club of Rome; member of the Coordination Group of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform of the European Parliament; member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Institute CRETUS, and Universidade de Santiago de Compostela.

Promoting the opportunities of a circular industrial economy, and of a performance economy selling goods and molecules as a service.

Honours: degrees of Doctor honoris causa, University of Surrey (2013) and l’Université de Montréal (2016). Mitchell Prize in Houston, TX (1982, ‘The Product-Life Factor’); first prize in the German Future’s Society’s competition (1978, ‘unemployment, occupation and profession’).

Corner books: ‘Jobs for Tomorrow, the Potential for substituting manpower for energy’ (1976/1981), Vantage Press N.Y.,: ‘The Performance Economy’ (2010), Palgrave MacMillan; The Circular Economy – a user’s guide (2019), Routledge.

Senior policy advisor and business consultant who has worked with about 70 of the world’s best organisations in 30 countries, both as a consultant and as an employee. Her professional experience spans 20 years and covers not only global health and sustainable development but includes sustainable business and creating win-wins across the economic, social and environmental spheres. Besides advising governments and multilateral institutions, Alice has worked with a range of businesses on developing sustainability strategies and tracking social impact. She regularly lectures at European universities.

Director of the Vienna Biennale for Change and founder of the Kunst & Klima Werkstätte Wien. The long-time director of the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna (MAK) has long been committed to sustainable social transformation, linking science, art, business and politics. He received his doctorate in law (Dr. iur.) in 1982 and his doctorate in political science and art history (Dr. phil.) in 1983 from the University of Vienna and spent many years working for the diplomatic service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abidjan, Geneva and Bonn, among other places. From 1993 onwards, he was significantly involved in the preparations for Austria’s accession to the EU and subsequently published the standard work “European Law”, which has been reprinted several times. From 1999 to 2007, he headed the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. Since 2016, he has been a recipient of the Golden Decoration of Honor for Services to the Province of Vienna.

Executive director and circular economy expert of In addition, he is a member of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform Coordination Group (ECESP-CG), certified Trainer Circular Design for  and Head and Owner of Circular Future. Based in the Netherlands, Arthur worked earlier for various employers including the Dutch Industry Confederation VNO-NCW. He has a Ph.D. in experimental physics and is certified polymer technologist.

A visionary and vocal ambassador for a future Circular Society, dedicated to work within network structures to drive the transition to a low carbon society. She is a leading expert in the areas of circular economy, business development, circular design and innovation strategies. In addition, she is the co-founder of Circular Norway and currently writing (as a co-author) a new book, to be published in 2021, entitled The Leadership Journey for a Circular Economy.” Barth provides a learning mindset for a new economic system, and uses proven methodologies within systems design thinking, collaborative innovation programming and business model methodologies for circular business development.

Building upon a 40 year career in strategic communications and sustainability in plastics and paper, he is now collaborating with visionary people, associations, and companies in the following areas: Strategy development, Articulating and positioning messages, Executive & media communications, Marketing communications and events, Supporting business relationships and networks, Advocacy related to policy and regulation, Energizing the principles of the circular economy, Creating social responsibility programmes, Elevating presentation and public speaking skills, Aiding cultural integration in business environments in the Middle East.

Currently based in Brussels and Barcelona, he is working in Europe, Asia, Middle East and South Africa.