Circular Innovation Journey London, UK

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Circular Innovation Journey London, UK

Oktober 14 @ 10:00 Oktober 16 @ 21:00


The UK is actively promoting its circular economy agenda to reduce waste, promote sustainability and improve resource efficiency. The Future Journey to London offers companies numerous opportunities to learn about circular economy strategy and finance and share experiences.

The UK government supports innovation in the circular economy through funding and research initiatives. Programmes aim to develop technologies, business models and materials that contribute to the circular economy. Companies are encouraged to develop products with recycling, reuse and refurbishment in mind and the use of sustainable materials is promoted. Circular Economy Hubs serve as platforms for sharing best practice, encouraging innovation, and creating a supportive ecosystem for circular economy initiatives.

Most relevantly, the UK government is working to integrate circular economy principles into its wider green finance strategy. There are financial incentives and support for companies adopting circular economy practices to encourage the transition to more sustainable and circular business models.

The condensed travel programme offers a balance between theoretical learning, practical experience and networking opportunities. It enables targeted research into the circular economy activities of large companies, financial aspects, practical implementation, and legal frameworks.

Interactive discussions, question and answer sessions are planned to make the most of the limited time available. Participants will be provided with resources and contacts for further exchange and potential cooperation after the two-day programme.

The target group for this learning journey will include:

Business Executives and Leaders:

– CEOs, CFOs, and top-level executives interested in aligning their companies with circular economy principles.

– Business leaders looking to understand how circular strategies can improve their business models and financial performance.

Sustainability Managers

– Professionals responsible for sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) within companies seeking to enhance their environmental impact.

Finance Professionals:

– CFOs, financial analysts, and professionals interested in integrating circular economy principles into financial strategies.

Innovation and R&D Teams:

– Individuals involved in product development, innovation, and research and development departments keen on incorporating circular design principles.

Entrepreneurs and Startups:

– Individuals exploring opportunities in circular economy business models or those looking to innovate in sustainable products and services.

Industry Associations

– Representatives from organizations promoting sustainable practices and circular economy initiatives within specific industries.

Our programme ensures that participants gain insights into circular economy activities, financial aspects, implementation challenges, and legal frameworks, fostering collaboration and potential cooperation among stakeholders.